Spring Chess Camp
March 12th - 16th

Imagine West Gilbert

Chess Camps are open to all scholastic chess players from Kindergarten through 12th, beginners to 1800 USCF.

Single day pricing is available.

Full week registration includes
FREE USCF Membership for all first time members


  • 45 minute notation game with analysis
  • Private one-on-one lessons
  • Blitz & Bughouse Games
  • 3 Checks
  • Giveaway Chess
  • Knightmare Chess
  • Space Chess
  • Progressive Chess
  • Chessercize on the GIANT chess board

All lessons are individualized for your child​


5 each 30 minute stations consisting of:

  • Individual Computerized Training
  • Puzzle Station
  • Video Projector Lesson
  • Win when you're winning
  • Demo Board Lesson

Chess Camps

Dedicated to the Development and Promotion ​of Scholastic Chess

Give your child the opportunity to receive chess instruction from one of the most successful scholastic coaches in Arizona.

Maximum 6:1

Student/Teacher Ratio
​Guaranteed !!

A 501 (c) (3) Charitable Organization